The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan 

The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan


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About ICSP



The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan was constituted to develop and regulate the profession of company secretaries in Pakistan. In early 1974 a number of prominent professionals stressed the need of forming an Institute for the profession of company secretaries. The Institute was formed under the Companies Act, 1913 as a company Limited by Guarantee. Since then, the Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan is functioning regularly for the professing of company secretaries. At present the Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan has about 700 associate members and more than 250 fellow members. The affairs of the Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan are managed professionally by a National Council. The Corporate Law Authority (now Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan) has felt the importance of the profession of company secretaries to create a corporate culture in the country. As a matter of fact a good corporate culture can be develop only through institutions not by the enforcement of corporate law. Therefore it is principally decided by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan to convert the Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan in a statutory body. The statute for the same is under final stage of approval. It is expected that it will be enforced in near future. The Institute has its main office at Karachi.

Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan (ICSP) was incorporated on November 22, 1973 as a company limited by guarantee, under the then Companies Act 1913 – later substituted by the Companies Ordinance, 1984. ICSP is the professional body of corporate secretaries which is imparting professional education and prudence in the areas of secretarial practices, corporate governance, corporate and business laws, accounting, administration, management, human resource and business ethics. Corporate secretaries have caliber to chart a course of action or take decisions in accordance with regulations, legislations, precedents, traditions, best practices and to see the operation moving effectively/efficiently.


Mission And Vision of ICSP


Mission of ICSP is to examine, groom and promote high quality corporate secretaries and professionals in the corporate sector who are able to meet the demands of present era and futuristic challenges to the profession.

Vision of ICSP is promotion of corporate culture in Pakistan for good governance, as envisaged in the civilized world, through professional excellence, in the field of corporate laws and secretarial practices.


Objectives Of ICSP


Institute has the following main objectives to fulfill the needs of the corporate sector:

  • To provide a professional organization of qualified corporate secretaries and administrators in Pakistan and generally to do all such things as may, from time to time, be necessary to elevate their status and procure advancement of the interests of the professions.

  • To provide knowledge in company secretarial practices, administrations and issuance of certificates.

  • To provide and foster in, commercial circles, accounting and industrial professions, academic institutions a higher sense of importance of knowledge of systematic, correct secretarial and administrative practices and to encourage a greater degree of efficiency in such work.

  • To provide opportunities for interaction amongst members to encourage reading and maintenance of library for the acquisition and dissemination by other means of useful information connected with the profession, encourage improved methods of administrative practices and,


  • To monitor, promote and synchronize the mutual interests of its members.






    ICSP has a library which is available to members and students, for reference and study purpose only, during normal office hours. Copies of informative magazines including official journal of the Institute are available in the library.


    “The Corporate Secretary” is the official journal of the Institute and is sent to all members. It has a proactive role in updating the readers on the professional subjects that are of value to students as well as members.