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    The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan 

The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan


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Fees Structure



a) The Institute collects fees from the students as listed below:

              (i) Student Registration Fee
              (ii) Annual Subscription
              (iii) Identity Card Fee
              (iv) Exemption Fee
              (v) Examination Fee


b) The Council has sole authority to make any amendments, or changes in the nature and quantum of fees structure whenever deemed necessary.


Fees Payable

a) Presently, the following fees are payable by the students at the time of registration:


          Student Registration Fee           Rs. 1000
          Annual Subscription           Rs. 500
          Identity Card Fee           Rs.   100


b) Annual Subscription becomes due each year and must be paid each year by the registered students for their registration and eligibility for appearing in the examination.

c) The qualifying students are required to continue paying subscription upto the time when they become eligible for membership of the Institute.


Exemption Fee



          a) Exemption Fees – per subject Module A

     Rs. 700

          b)Exemption Fees – per subject Module B

       Rs. 1200



Examination Fee

The following fees are payable whenever a student wishes to appear in the examination:


         Examination Fees - per subject - Module A

     Rs. 500

         Examination Fees - per subject - Module B

     Rs. 700

         Examination Fees - per subject - Module C

     Rs. 800



Refund of Fees


a) An applicant, who withdraws his application at any time after notification of registration has been dispatched, will not be entitled to a refund of any part of the registration fee.

b) If, after the closing date for entries, an student withdraws his application or; fails to present himself, for examination, no part of the examination fee will be refunded to him.

c) If a student is prevented by abnormal circumstances from attending the examination and submits satisfactory certificate, the Council may at its discretion, allow him to appear in the next examination once only on payment of postponement fee. Applications and appropriate medical certificates must reach office of the Institute by 23rd June, for July examination and 23rd December, for January examination. Postponement may also be allowed in certain situations depending on the circumstances, such as bereavement or severe illness just prior to the examination. Individual decision will be made in these cases on merit of each case if application is received before expiry of the relevant examination