The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan 

The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan


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Importance of Corporate Secretary

The Company Law requires specified categories of companies to appoint company secretary with independent company secretarial department. ICSP provides top quality professional education commensurate with the demands of the secretary of the company. Thus, a corporate secretary’s career appeals to many law graduates as well, looking for an alternative career in which to utilize their legal skills that provide them exposure to a wide range of complex business operations. Business graduates are attracted by a vide variety of opportunities. Business and law graduates having useful knowledge base to become corporate secretary and thus, have better and more chances to work across every sector of commerce and industry.

Moreover, the qualification of corporate secretary can be acquired while performing the job. The career is open to people from all disciplines. This profession also attracts such people who want to enter a profession but have not pursued a business or legal degree.


Role of Corporate Secretary


A qualified corporate secretary has a role in all type of organizations and business sectors. Corporate secretaries qualified from ICSP are working and capable to work as secretaries of companies and of other corporate bodies. They work in other senior positions of companies, trust, non-government organizations, local governments, educational and professional institutions, trade bodies and the like. They can engage themselves in the independent professional practice as consultant corporate secretaries.

Corporate secretary may also be involved in registering and communication with shareholders, making presentation before regulatory authorities, scrutinizing and certifying statutory documents for submission to the regulators, organizing meeting of board and shareholders. He may have responsibility or functions such as pensions/employees share scheme, insurance, property, health and safety of personnel. All these roles are relevant to ensuring them an organization complies with laws and regulations.

Value Addition to Business


Corporate secretaries are competent to turn knowledge into profit and they are successfully competing in the employment market for senior position. They are qualified professionals to work as company secretaries, administrative directors and managers, share registrars, local government administrators, in house lawyers and corporate counsels. All positions held by corporate secretaries are at a senior level. The corporate secretary qualification adds value to the corporate world and the profession.