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The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan


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The corporate and financial executives and directors responsible for complying requirements of Corporate, Taxation and other Laws, and regulations of regulatory authorities like Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan and Stock Exchanges etc need to be updated with information relating to changes. For continuous updating of the personnel's with regulatory provisions, a program is conducted for deliberations on "Third Thursdays" of every month, which is followed by Dinner for the benefit of fellowship discussions. The response is very enthusiastic from participants, with high standard of professional proficiency, in response to deliberations by prominent scholar in subjects of different fields, concerning Laws and Regulations affecting the business and professional communities.


Frequency:          Once in a month (i.e. Every third Thursday of the month
Venue:          Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi
 Time:          5:30 p.m.
Fees Structure:    
     There are two categories for registration.


     Corporate Registration Rs. 4,600.00/=
     (Where the Organization may depute different participants for
     different programs.)


     Individual Registration Rs. 4,000.00/=
     (Where the Individual may registered person can attend himself)    


Anybody intended to register for the permanent seminars of the Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan may send a crossed cheque in favor of "The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan." being the fees for appropriate registration as mentioned above along with the registration form. You may get the registration form by clicking the link below.



Please get the printout of the registration form and send the duly filled in form along with the cheque for appropriate fees to the Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan Karachi. The Institute has also arrange a pick up service for the convenience of the participants which is free of cost. To avail this facility please call to the following persons on phone numbers or send an email with a request to pick up to the following email address. Please also mention your complete address and phone numbers in the email for request to pick up, to respond you promptly.







Papers read in the previous seminars are also available.


S. No   Topic   Read by
1       Best Corporate practices for requirement and
    retention of employees
        Mr. Hashim Ismail Hirani
2      Intellectual property rights in Pakistan         Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan
3      e-Filing of Sales Tax Return - Is it a true service
    to public?
        Mr. Amjad Javed Hashmi
4      Code of Corporate Governance (Latest



        Mr. G. Nizamuddin
5      Proposals on Income Tax Laws         Mr. Ali A. Rahim
6      Proposals on Sales Tax Law         Mr. Amjad Javed Hashmi
7      Filing of quarterly and annual statements under
    Income Tax Ordinance, 2001
        M. Zeeshan Merchant
8      Comments on changes in Income Tax Law         Mr. Ali A. Rahim
9      Comments on changes in Sales Tax Law         Mr. S.M. Shabbar Zaidi
10       E-filing of Income Tax Return through Income
    Tax Assistant Software
        Mr. Habib Fakhruddin