The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan 

The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan


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Professional Studies




ICSP’s program of professional studies is completed by satisfying the requirements of education, examination and experience. The education requirement includes courses in accounting, managements, corporate and business laws and practices and other pertinent areas relating to the corporate bodies. The examination assesses knowledge, skill and application of the subject matter. In addition, all candidates, who wish to become corporate secretary, must possess relevant practical work experience of minimum required years and related assessment for membership of the Institute.



a) ICSP’s qualifying examination is recognized as a post graduate award. Its course comprises three Modules divided into six groups. Examinations of the Institute are conducted twice a year with thirteen subjects.

b) Candidates will be expected to gain understanding of their subjects as well as factual knowledge. In other more advanced groups of the examination in particular, there will be considerable, emphasis on the application of knowledge in the examination.

c) Candidates will be required to keep abreast of changes in the law affecting the subjects which they are studying generally. However, detailed knowledge of a new legislation will not be expected in examination held within six months of passing the relevant legislation.

d) Syllabus changes will be notified and published in official journal of the Institute for information of teaching establishments and students.